Cocoa Butter and Palm Kernel Fat Base Color Concentrate

Solid cocoa butter based dispersion using food approved colorants for use in chocolates, compound coatings or any product Read More

Confectionery Panning Concentrates

Colors in sugar solution for topical application. Application: Hard Panned Items. Read More

Dry Blends

Dry Mixing of FD&C Lakes and Dyes. Application: Dry Drink Mix, Cake Mix, Candy Tablets, Compressed Candies, Easter Egg Read More

Dye Solution

Dye solution in various solvents. Example of solvents: Water, Propylene Glycol, Sugar Syrup, Glycerin. Application: Beverages, Read More

Great Lakes

Combination of FD&C colorants Lakes and Dyes and Natural colorants in Fructose or Sugar Syrup. Application: Bakery Products, Read More

Lake Color Concentrate

Lake dispersed concentrate in various solvents. Examples of solvents: Propylene Glycol, Glycerin. Application: Hard Candy, Read More

Natural Coloring Concentrate

Plant based color concentrate delivered in natural fat, oil, glycerine, sugar systems. Application: Customized color Read More

Oil Base Color Concentrate

Oil based (i.e. fractionated  coconut oil) dispersion using food approved colorants for use in compound coatings or Read More


Colors Read More