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Glycine Soja (Soybean) Protein, Glycine, Valine
  • Elhibin® PF works to decrease the rate at which natural aging causes elasticity degradation.  It is a carefully purified natural protein complex with unique activity that is based on the inhibition of leukocyte elastase’s damaging activity by protecting the elastic fibers from breakdown, predominately in the papillary dermis.  
  • This activity retains and maintain elastic skin conditions giving skin a younger more resilient and healthy appearance, reducing two main causes of increased elastase activity, skin irritation and dry skin.  It effectively diminishes sagging skin while improving skin resilience.
  • This bioactive ingredient is used in anti-aging and suncare products because of its protection and firming properties that reduce skin irritation and dryness while promoting youthful, resilient, and elastic skin.