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INCI Name:
Water, Glycerin, Poria Cocos Polysaccharide
  • An active ingredient for mature skin, as well as for women close to menopause or post menopause. Reduces the most visible effects of these processes on the skin: it increases skin thickness, luminosity and microcirculation, and decreases the appearance of wrinkles.
  • In vitro:
    • Gladback™ increases the gene expression of hyaluronic acid receptor (184%) and collagen IV (150%), and decreases SPRR protein 1A, 1B and A2 expression (57%, 55% and 67%, respectively)
  • In vivo:
    • Gladback™ increases 8% skin thickness (average) and boosts skin density
    • Increases 0.55% skin radiance, with a maximum augmentation of 1.4%. Related to the annual loss of luminosity, this means the skin is as luminous as it was 12 years ago.
    • Improves 0.53% skin microcirculation, with a maximum increase of 6.8%
    • Decreases the appearance of wrinkles