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Combining technical expertise with broad-based business acumen

Centerchem is an important global supplier of quality functional specialty ingredients used in a wide range of technology-based industries. Its history in the United States dates back to 1948, when it began as a marketer of naturally derived substances. Tracing its roots to Europe over a century ago, Centerchem today has become a leading international marketer of unique functional products for use in the cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical ingredients, flavors, and fine chemical industries.

Representing a broad range of domestic and international companies for many years, Centerchem’s strengths remain in its dedication to maintaining high-quality support of its customers within all of its diverse business areas. This capability can be directly traced to Centerchem’s highly specialized technical personnel, the numerous technologies to which it has access, and the internal resources that are essential to remaining competitive in today's global environment.

But first and foremost, Centerchem’s main focus is in the commercialization of new technology. In this role, it has maintained a network of contacts and specialty manufacturers throughout the world, which continue to furnish customers (domestic and international) with unique functional chemical raw materials. Together with its own internal technical market research and promotional expertise, its strategically located inventory points, and thorough knowledge of transportation regulations, these capabilities are why Centerchem remains a leader in its field.

Centerchem represents the following companies as their North American distributor:

EMD Performance Materials
Provital Group

Personal Care

Today’s sophisticated cosmetic products demand high performance active ingredients that significantly improve the look and feel of skin and hair. Centerchem offers a broad range of efficacious raw materials sourced from specialized companies from around the world that utilize the latest technologies and scientific research. These “centerpiece” ingredients enable cosmetic formulators to prepare unique products with bioactivity proven by clinical studies. Our experienced technical staff is ready to assist during all the stages of development, from the marketing concept to the finished product. Centerchem actives make the difference in creative, high-tech cosmetic formulating.

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Food & Beverage

Special performance requirements place special demands on raw materials for the food industry. Centerchem’s ingredients and technical support capabilities have successfully responded to the critical manufacturing needs of clients seeking to market quality consumer food products. Whether it’s the confectionery, bakery, ice cream, snack food, or beverage industries, Centerchem stands at the head of marketers of food grade specialty ingredients.

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