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Butylene Glycol, Barosma Betulina Leaf Extract
  • A natural ingredient obtained from the leaves of buchu, one of the most important medicinal plants in South Africa and is able to modulate the action of sebocytes to reduce excess sebum, refine enlarged pores and mattify shiny patches in oily skin, thus improving the skin's overall appearance and texture.
  • In vitro
    • Inhibits sebocyte differentiation by 54%
    • Modulates lipogenesis by 69% diminishing the amount of lipids
    • Causes a decrease of synthesized lipids by sebocytes
  • In vivo
    • Mattifies the skin (up to 42%) and improves the signs of an oily skin balancing sebum secretion
    • Minimizes visible pores in number (24%), diameter and volume (20%)
    • Consumer evaluation: 90% less shiny skin; 75% pore reduction; 90% less oily skin; 90% skin with a better appearance