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Water, Glycerin, Rosa Hybrid Flower Extract.
  • Black Baccara Rose, or ‘black rose’, is a popular symbol of passion, elegancy, and luxury.  Black Baccara Meilland is a direct variety of Rosa Baccara and several million of these black roses have been sold since their creation by French company Meilland.   
    • Black Baccara belongs to the group of hybrid tea roses created by crossing “tea perfume rose” and another remontant hybrid.  
  • Black Baccara rose is favored for its delicate and exquisite scent and flavor which was highly appreciated by Western perfumers from the Renaissance to the 19th century.    
  • Black Baccara stands out amongst other species of roses due to its anthocyanin content, especially the anthocyanin cyanidin. This anthocyanin has antioxidant and scavenging effects that protect the flower cells against damage caused by oxidation.    
    • Black Baccara is the most suitable type of rose for the protection of skin cells against external agents that cause oxidation and aging.  
  • Anthocyanin pigments behave, in vitro, as free radical scavengers, or inhibitors of the formation of the superoxide ion, and some of them, inhibitors of lipoxygenase.  
    • The main antioxidant agent in rose extract is a derivative of gallic acid, while other components that have some antioxidant activity area polysaccharide and a polysaccharide-peptide complex.