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Hydrolyzed Rice Protein
  • Colhibin PF is a rice derived ingredient which protects the skin from the collagen degrading effects of collagenases induced either by UV-radiation or other skin irritants. It helps reduce the appearance of aging skin through the degeneration of matric proteins, wrinkle formation, reduced elasticity, and skin dryness.
    • Colhibin PF can block the very damaging effect of collagenases induced by sun radiation which makes it an effective active ingredient to be used in sun protection cosmetics.
    • Colhibin PF is effective in maintaining and restoring the collagen homeostasis of the skin and is ideally used as an anti-aging ingredient that is also able to elevate the moisture content of the skin.  
  • This anti-aging, protective, bioactive agent is an effective active ingredient in skin and sun care products due to the protection of the collagen fibers and moisturization of the epidermis.