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  • Cosmeceutical "Body Sculpting" Massage Butter

    The Cosmeceutical “Body Sculpting” Massage Butter has been formulated to firm and sculpt the body while visibly reducing stretch marks and irritation. 

  • Cosmeceutical "Renew as You Sleep" Intensive Night Cream

    The Cosmeceutical “Renew as You Sleep” Intensive Night Cream has been formulated to refresh and revitalize skin while you sleep. 

  • Cosmeceutical "Say Good-bye to Wrinkles" Intensive Target Peptide Gel

    The Cosmeceutical “Say Good-bye to Wrinkles” Intensive Target Peptide Gel has been formulated to target deep expression wrinkles and the global signs of aging such as dull, dry skin and fine lines.

  • Cosmeceutical "Skin Replenish" Intensive Oil Free Serum

    The Cosmeceutical “Skin Replenish” Intensive Oil Free Serum has been formulated to both protect and repair dry, damaged skin in an oil-free system.