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Cosmeceuticals are products that combine cosmetic and therapeutic ingredients and are intended to have a beneficial effect on skin health and beauty. The concept is inspired by the results achieved through invasive surgeries and injections, coupled with the desire to extend the results of such, often costly, procedures. One can think of it as a way of going from “a doctor’s fix to beauty shift” putting the anti-aging power back into the hands of the consumer!  Let’s do it!

  • Cosmeceutical "Body Sculpting" Massage Butter

    The Cosmeceutical “Body Sculpting” Massage Butter has been formulated to firm and sculpt the body while visibly reducing stretch marks and irritation. 

  • Cosmeceutical "Renew as You Sleep" Intensive Night Cream

    The Cosmeceutical “Renew as You Sleep” Intensive Night Cream has been formulated to refresh and revitalize skin while you sleep. 

  • Cosmeceutical "Say Good-bye to Wrinkles" Intensive Target Peptide Gel

    The Cosmeceutical “Say Good-bye to Wrinkles” Intensive Target Peptide Gel has been formulated to target deep expression wrinkles and the global signs of aging such as dull, dry skin and fine lines.

  • Cosmeceutical "Skin Replenish" Intensive Oil Free Serum

    The Cosmeceutical “Skin Replenish” Intensive Oil Free Serum has been formulated to both protect and repair dry, damaged skin in an oil-free system.