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Propanediol, Glycerin, Heterotheca inuloides Flower Extract
  • Ethicskin™ is a 100% natural origin ingredient that has multiple benefits for well-aging from firmness and wrinkle reduction to reducing age spots and providing glow.  It is ethically sourced, while preserving biodiversity, honoring local heritage, and empowering communities.
  • Heterotheca inuloides, also called Mexican Arnica, is native to Mexico and locally called “Cuateteco” that has traditionally been used to treat a wide range of inflammatory issues.
  • In Vitro: Gene Expression Assessment
    • Effectively regulates the gene expression of multiple mechanisms to induce to a self-improvement of the skin
    • Increases the formation of ceramides and hyaluronic acid
    • Improves the quality of the skin barrier by increasing its antimicrobial defenses and tight junction proteins
    • Strengthens skin structure by contributing to keratinocyte proliferation and mitochondrial ATP production
    • Reduces the pro-inflammatory SASP so that it effectively fights the detrimental effects of inflammation related to skin aging
    • Contributes to reduce or prevent hyperpigmentation
    • Prevents and reduces the oxidative stress in the skin by detoxifying cells from excess of damaging radical species
    • Contributes to relieve the skin from intrinsic and extrinsic damage thanks to its antioxidant efficacy
    • Prevents glycation by 70% and contributes to the preservation of the skin’s biomechanical properties
  • In vivo: Multi-Ethnic Panel: Caucasian, African, Asian and Latino backgrounds
    • Creates a cumulative hydrating effect and decreases skin permeability
    • Improves skin elasticity and firmness
    • Demonstrated a positive evolution of the global firming effect throughout the face of all skin types
    • Reduces the number of wrinkles and smoothens the skin surface
    • Visibly reduced roughness and size and number of wrinkles in the crow’s feet area of all skin types
    • Achieved a significant reduction of visible spots, brown spots and skin redness after treatment
    • Contributes to prevent post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) processes
    • Provides a growing skin radiance over time in all skin types
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