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Food & Beverage

Confectionery, bakery, and snack foods & beverages can harness cutting-edge technology to catch consumers’ eyes. Centerchem offers food-grade specialty ingredients with superior functionality, allowing you to meet the most critical manufacturing requirements.

Glazes and shellacs, polishes, anti-sticking agents, pre-coating agents and release agents.

MasterCoat Products
Lack Lac?

Protect Your Candies with MasterCoat®

Trust us as a shellac supplier so your business and candies are well protected. We offer a full range of MasterCoat® products including:


  • Conventional cuts
  • Modified cuts
  • Organic
  • Vegan
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Mastercoat® GZ-F400

A confectionary glaze to ensure a long lasting shine


  • Seals and protects your panned pieces while enhancing gloss
  • Can be applied during panning
  • Helps lengthen the shelf life of finished products
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The Expertise You Need to Innovate

Get expert technical support including R&D and scale-up assistance for your custom product. With a 1,000 sq. ft. facility space and lab and highly specialized technical personnel, Centerchem will develop a solution for your needs.

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