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INCI Name:
Propanediol, Water, Boerhavia Diffusa Root Extract
  • Melavoid™ is a natural, lightening active ingredient that decreases skin tone evenly and uniformly, thus reducing the number of different types of hyperpigmentation spots.
  • In vitro:
    • shows a good affinity to bind to PPARγ and act as a natural agonist
    • reduces tyrosinase enzyme formation by 63%, therefore it reduces melanogenesis
    • reduces tyrosinase activity by 55%
    • decreases the amount of pigment synthesized by melanocytes by 34%, without affecting their viability
    • prevents an accumulation of melanin in the skin by reducing melanocyte dendrites
  • In vivo:
    • Decreases the intensity of skin pigmentation
    • Lightens hyperpigmented areas getting a smooth and uniform complexion
    • Lightening activity is higher in areas with spots than without, making it an intelligent depigmentant
    • Reduces spots in number and intensity regardless of their origin (I.E. surface, UV, brown spots)