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Propanediol, Water, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract
  • Pomarage™ is a 100% natural ingredient with an upcycled and Km-0 origin that will contribute to reduce the apple waste production, to increase the pritt for the primary sector and to reduce our carbon footprint. Pomarage™ was born with the intention of collaboration between different points in the value chain: An agro-cosmetics symbiosis between Provital and a local supplier (Mooma®) that resulted in a qualitative well-aging active ingredient with health-giving properties for the skin, and the planet.
  • In Vitro
    • Pomarage™ effectively regulates the gene expression of certain genes involved in skin aging
    • In Normal Fibroblasts
      • Pomarage™ increases collagen biosynthesis and improves the organization of collagen fibers and other components of the ECM, such as elastin
      • Pomarage™ contributes to reducing inflammatory processes and cellular senescence.
    • In Aged Fibroblasts:
      • Pomarage™ increases endogenous hyaluronic acid, collagen and other aging-related proteins from the ECM