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INCI Name:
Propanediol, Water, Fisetin, Raspberry Ketone
  • An active ingredient that helps reduce localized fat and cellulite 24 hours a day, acting under any circumstances. It also reshapes your silhouette and improves skin elasticity, while decreasing skin roughness, edema, skin thickness and volume.
  • In vitro:
    • Increases basal lipolysis by 57% at rest
    • Potentiates lipolysis by 36% during exercise or in stressful situations (adrenalin)
    • Completely inhibits lipogenesis
    • Inhibits 95% of the differentiation process to adipocytes
  • In vivo:
    • Reduction of thigh volume up to 1 cm
    • Decreases skin thickness, redensing the dermis and diminishing infiltrations
    • Reduction of average roughness:
      • 6% average value; 39.5% maximum result
  • Reduction of maximum roughness:
    • 3.7% average value; 28.7% maximum result