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INCI Name:
Benzoyl Dipeptide-18 D-Phenylalanyl Arginyl D-Tryptophan Dipropylamide Mesylate
  • A synthetic peptide that works with your skin to bring out its natural healthy glow.
  • Ex-vivo:
    • Boosts pigmentation in skin by 30%
    • Significantly boosts key regulators of melanin: MITF (79%), TYR (44%), TRP1 (72%)
    • Stimulates antioxidant defense factor (Nrf2) after UVA-irradiation
  • In vivo: Instrumental Evaluation
    • Delivers visible healthy tone in just 5 days with long-lasting effect
  • Volunteers self-assessment:
    • 100% of consumers noticed skin looking fresher and more revitalized
    • Over 90% of consumers noticed skin less dull and tired
    • Over 80% of consumers noticed a facial healthy glow