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INCI Name:
Amidinobenzyl Benzylsulfonyl D-Seryl Homophenylalaninamide Acetate
  • Synthetic peptide that helps restore skin’s youthful resilience, improves dry skin, and reduces stinging.
  • In vitro
    • Inhibition of Urokinase activity (up to 97%)
    • Inhibition of plasmin activity (up to 41%)
    • Reduction of MMP 9 (up to 60%) and CXCL5 (up to 60%)
    • Reduction of IL-8 (up to 51%)
    • Regulation of Desmoglein 1 (DSG 1) and Loricrin
  • In vivo (Tape Stripping):
    • After the 2nd stress, skin resilience almost matched the baseline value (significant)
    • After repeated stress, skin surface is smoother and more hydrated
  • In vivo (Lactic acid stinging test)
    • After four weeks all volunteers (100%) show a significant reduction in skin sensitivity