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Myra McSperrin

Customer Care Specialist email ↓

I’m grateful to work for an honorable and generous company alongside a group of enthusiastic fellow colleagues. I’ve been in customer service and sales support positions for more than 40 years, 29 of them with Centerchem. I take part in so many creative outlets but interior and landscape design are my obsessions. I‘ve ripped apart a 1980’s sofa and a 1970’s bedroom dresser and pulled them stylishly into the 21st century with new purpose. However, wonderfully old antiques are brought back as close as possible to their original state. I enjoy time with my dearest friends because that’s when we can be our silliest. Unfortunately for my son, he will always be my work in progress. It’s meaningful to me to be the best parent I can be and I guess that lasts a lifetime. And that’s what’s important, work, home, family.